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Stories by Clients Like You

Clients are not just clients, but companions.

We build relationships with our clients so we can always deliver the best product everyday  

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Stories by Clients Like You

Valued Relationships


Recreaction is our best partner for Corporate Learning. With them, we help huge companies Like Schenker France and Geodis to deliver Game-based experiences to their employees and manager in 14 countries in the world 

"Bravo platform has given RécéAction the opportunity to invent mobile learning based on video-game & micro-learning to build rituals and take micro-actions to change behaviours at work. It enables us to be an operational tool  to plan training campaigns, measure results, do warm-up , create check-up list,... to address clients' needs such as Schenker France and Geodis.."

Celine Berger - Founder Recreaction

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Skeym is an amazing company designing talent assessment game based. They choose Bravo to manage their challenging game-based experiences

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