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Use Cases

Our solutions cover multiple use cases, no matter if you work alone or in a large organization. We can scale up and down as much as you like, hiding and managing the complexity for you.

No credit card required

Easy Setup

Are you a Game Developer?


Are you a Content creator?

Online Tutoring

CMS and Tech solutions for Game development

Are you struggling with hundred of names, objects description and thousands of dialogues line?


Thanks to Bravo, you could manage all your narrative elements, in one single smart and friendly environment


Do you would love to know who is playing your game, for how much time and how many times?

Bravo could help you with its unique and simple analytics. You will know EVERYTHING about your players

Are you a team and you need to work together on the same page?

Bravo lets you create a different view and different rights for different roles 

Would you love to set your players in different groups and categories to let you analyze better their behaviours and improve your game for all the different segment?


Bravo let you do it easily! 

Do you want to schedule some event time-based in your games? Bravo let you do it easily setting the day, time and timezone of that action

Would you like to share your game with the publishers but you would love also to have a clear vision about the people who are playing your game?


Don’t worry! Bravo let you take control  with token and player approval system

Are you developing a mobile game? Start to communicate with your player through tailored push notifications! Bravo let you do that! 

Do you use Unity? Or unreal? Do you prefer to use Api? Don’t worry!


Bravo is already integrated with your favourite engine

Pss..Are you an indie game Developer? We too! have a look to our project!

Game-based Learning

Are you struggling between hundreds of different platform to deliver your own courses?


Bravo is the right solution to deliver your courses easy, fast, effective and gameful, obviously!


Do you want to harness the power of Learning mobile based but the platform you would like to use offer you just a pc-based learning course?


Bravo is designed to create the best learning mobile experiences!


Do you would like to deliver courses in many countries with different languages but you can't manage all the translations with an excel file?

Bravo is the right solution to manage all the translations in one place

Would you love to manage your learners splitting them into classes, and in different categories?


Bravo let you do that on your own in the easiest way!


 Would you like to see real-time results from your courses?

Bravo gives you dashboards and analytics to help you manage the best way your learning path

Would you like to send push notifications to deliver homework, exercise and lessons at the right person at the right time?


Bravo gives you the power to write and schedule push notifications for any of your students, class, categories or country

Would you like to design video-lessons, quiz and lessons to deliver the best course ever?

Bravo is designed to create an engaging learning experience!

Are you struggling to use gamification techniques but you can’t find the right solution?


Bravo for learning is your best ally

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