BRAVO! & LEARN! are the online course platforms by Gameful Ltd.

Oct 18, 2023 | Blog | 0 comments

BRAVO! & LEARN! are the online course platforms branded by Gameful Ltd.

This is a project we are very proud of because it represents a challenge: to offer trainers what we have built in years of experience with major players in the logistics industry such as DB Schenker, Gefco, and Geodis ( and here:, taking care of safety training campaigns for them in 14 countries worldwide.

BRAVO! & LEARN! are two platforms for gamified, lucrative, and easily scalable online video courses.

student online courseThe concept is very simple: 1. Upload your video courses. 2. Create the personalized token and communicate it to your students. Your students register on and will have access to the video materials. This way, you can provide access only to those you choose, and you can always verify whether those who want to view your courses are authorized or not. Uploading your online courses is very easy: from your PC, you can directly upload to the backend, and thanks to the notification features, you can communicate updates in real-time with just one click to all students or only to selected ones. Do you offer different courses for different classes? Basic and advanced? No problem: you can manage everything from a single control panel and allow access only to students who have purchased them.

Do you really know how to sell and promote your online learning courses?

Book and online coursesKnow exactly who your target audience is and search for similar users. This is why we have integrated detailed and customizable insights, allowing you to identify the characteristics of your students and monitor their progress. Another focus on the definition mentioned above: “… Use game mechanics in non-game contexts.” The idea from this phrase is of an OVERLAY. The designer should use mechanics for purposes other than pure entertainment. It closely resembles Mary Poppins’ famous motto: “A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.” In reality, gamification is not something that overlays something pre-existing; it is a mindset that REIMAGINES and REDESIGNS content and interactions to make them enjoyable, pleasant, fun, interesting, or even just visible and understandable.

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