“Virtual reality kills the micro-learning stars”?

Would you rather face a wall of knowledge here and now, memorize everything, and pass the exam by regurgitating it all, only to forget it later? Or would you prefer to take a daily knowledge pill and have time to understand it, metabolize it, and discuss it with...

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Corporate Training – What Will Happen in 2024?

What to Expect in 2024 in the Learning and Development Sector and Corporate Training? The Covid-19 pandemic has taught us not to make far-reaching predictions about the future, but it seems to be an innate tendency for humans to look ahead and try to imagine and...

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Experiential Learning: Matrix of Game-Based Learning

"Intelligence is nothing but the consequence of an experience" (Piaget). That's what experiential learning is called. It's not a trend or a whim of schools attended by the children of the rich. It's a branch of studies that is dictating how we will learn and how...

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Gameful and RecréAction for Road Safety

Between May and June 2023, a game-based learning campaign was conducted for the professional development of KEOLIS company personnel, involving 80 bus drivers and team leaders for 2 months. The campaign featured 3-minute video lessons available 24/7, incorporating...

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How is artificial intelligence shaping eLearning?

ChatGPT is just the latest development in the field of Artificial Intelligence, changing the way we experience the world. Think, for instance, of Alexa and how easily it allows us to communicate with all the smart devices in our homes. We could also mention...

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Gameful Ltd among the startups at SMAU London 2023

London is always a vibrant city and consistently provides significant opportunities for businesses. According to research published by London & Partners and Dealroom, it is the leading EdTech hub in Europe and among the top 10 globally in the EdTech sector for...

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Adaptive Learning: what is it and how is it influenced by AI?

Adaptive Learning: What is it and how is it influenced by AI? With 'adaptive learning,' an individually tailored learning experience for each student is created through continuous analysis of the data the system receives during the learning process, generating a...

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