Grow in 2022: Create Your Online School

Oct 19, 2023 | Blog | 0 comments

First: Find a Good Topic for Your Online Courses

looking for the TopicFind a valid idea for your e-learning course. Choose a topic you are knowledgeable about. It is crucial that the subject of your training course is something that truly excites you because you will need to explore always new insights and different perspectives to offer your students a unique learning experience distinct from the competition.


Second step: Create the structure of your elearning course

Create an outline of the topics and group them into lessons, set learning objectives, and include tests at the end of each lesson. Through gamification, you can make learning more challenging and engaging. Differentiate course sections based on difficulty level, topic, or learning blocks that reflect your educational offerings.

Third step: choose an online course platform that meets your needsPlatform is everything

Choosing the “venue” where your online courses will be consumed is a crucial moment to bring your business to life. If you choose a free platform that does not offer enough security, your courses may be viewed by anyone, regardless of whether they have purchased them or not. An online platform like BRAVO! allows you to keep them safe with token-based access and manage them all from a single dashboard; you can activate personalized notifications, study insights, and leverage all the potential of gamification applied to learning.

Fourth step: Validate the idea of your elearning course

Now is the time to test your idea. Can it work? Discover what your audience needs, intercept them, and propose a solution to their problems. Create a demo, a webinar, or free content to promote with ads to gather contacts from potential interested students, perhaps asking them directly what topics would interest them the most. Upload it to the BRAVO! platform and share the token with your future students.

Fifth step: Record your elearning courses for a feeCiak!

At this point, you know the topics of your training courses; all that’s left is to record them. You can use a good smartphone with a stabilizing support and a semi-professional microphone (available for a few tens of euros) and upload them online. With the BRAVO! platform, you can upload your courses by creating separate classes for each topic or difficulty, generating different tokens for each.  

Sixth step: Test your elearning course and analyze your users

Who is watching your videos? What is their age? And their interests? Where are they located? Study the insights and trace the profile of your typical students to target future acquisitions.

Seventh step: plan automated notifications for your course participantsNotification

Have you uploaded a new lesson within a course? Send the notification to interested students. Is a new online course available? Communicate it to all your students with one click from within the platform: this way, they will be informed in a few seconds and can ask you for more information. Ready for a successful 2022?