EDUCATE Research Training Programme. Gameful è una graduated company!

Oct 19, 2023 | blog | 0 comments

June has been an intense month, a month in which a great outpouring of energy has been rewarded with equally great satisfaction:

Gameful is one of the Graduating Companies of the ‘EDUCATE Research Training Programme,’ the result of a collaboration between F6S, BESA, and EDUCATE Ventures Research Ltd.

The acceleration program is dedicated to companies in the EDTECH world that want to develop their growth based on an evidence-based logic model.

Weeks of training and mentoring have led us to develop our logic model, our growth development plan, and to receive validation from the EDUCATE team.


Researchers, companies developing education services, and individuals who “consume” educational products. It is on this framework that the Accelerator’s development method is based, linking development ideas with research results, validating a model that fills gaps in EdTech development through the work of researchers operating in the education sector. The result is a scientific foundation for a business that can offer EdTech products that meet consumer needs and are therefore destined for success in the market.

A special thanks to the entire team, to Noah Sher, our mentor, and to Lulah Strathearn Brady, who accompanied us during the journey.

This graduation is very important for us because it marks the beginning of a path that will be followed by another step: the EDWARD, which will see you engaged in the coming months to take another step forward in our growth as a company with solid foundations in the EdTech world.

“It’s been a fantastic journey. We immediately understood that this program was suitable for us and could be a great opportunity for Gameful’s growth. It combines business advice and research results on our focus: EdTECH. The tutors, members, and cohort colleagues have been fantastic. It was a valuable experience from which we learned a lot! We are proud to have reached this milestone and look forward to the next step.

Edward – here we come” – These are the enthusiastic words of the founders of Gameful Ltd., Christian Rizza, and Salvatore Mica.

Ad Maiora!