The ecommerce functionality is coming to the BRAVO! and LEARN! LMS platforms!

Oct 20, 2023 | blog | 0 comments

Big News at Gameful: the platforms are enriched with a new feature dedicated to e-commerce.

Thanks to this functionality, users can make their courses directly accessible from their website, allowing their students to log in within the LEARN! platform without additional steps, once the purchase is confirmed on their website.

A significant time-saving for students and an additional tool for Creators to provide a more efficient service.

This e-commerce-related update is a very important step for our platforms, and we strongly wanted it to enable our trainers to do their job even better,” says Salvatore Mica, founder of Gameful ltd. He adds, “We are working on further upgrades to the BRAVO! and LEARN! platforms that will allow even more effective use of gamification by adding various features to their courses.”

We thank all the creators who have chosen to trust us and have supported us in this step forward for the growth and evolution of Gameful.