Corporate learning: the Importance of Improving Together

Oct 19, 2023 | Learning - news | 0 comments

What does it really mean when we say “employee training” or “corporate learning”?

Corporate learning image A company is made up of people, and people need to grow and improve for a thousand reasons: to gain greater productivity, receive stimuli and develop their creativity, learn new techniques, achieve professional fulfillment, improve the safety of their work… in short, the reasons why a company should invest in the professional training of its staff are truly many.

Providing training and learning to the employees is important, and everyone knows it, but why?

For many reasons: participating in training courses has many advantages for the worker but also for the company. In fact, better-trained personnel will have better performance, there will be a smaller skills gap, lower costs by bringing innovation, and it positively influences growth as well as reputation. On the other hand, it increases motivation, team building, and productivity, favoring the integration of new talents and revaluing older employees, making the company stronger, healthier, and providing greater growth opportunities.

But actually what are the most common types of corporate learning?

There are many types of employee training programs, and choosing which ones to implement depends on many factors: the size of the company, business goals, budget, and the specifics of the business.

  • Orientation training programs

This concerns new employees to obtain essential information for performing the job. The focus is on getting to know and deepening the values and mission of the company, its objectives, organizational structure, getting to know colleagues, etc…

  • Onboarding programs

These also focus on objectives but go into more detail, at the division or office level, aiming at acquiring practical knowledge (use of tools, management methods, etc.) to perform the job effectively and independently.

  • Hard skills development programs

Programs that lead to the development of hard skills (those directly related to work activity, specific knowledge to perform it) are those that allow employees to invest in their own abilities. These are the ones that give the most satisfaction because they lead to directly applicable improvement, keeping them up to date with the latest developments and, therefore, competitive.

  • Corporate training programs for soft skills development

Training on skills development includes communication, leadership and negotiation skills, teamwork and critical thinking, but also problem-solving and decision-making. All essential skills to complete the previous ones.

  • Mandatory training programs

Mandatory training is considered essential by the company for safety or for the effective exercise of a profession. It complies with the rules and regulations that employees must become familiar with their current roles to minimize the risks associated with a professional field.

But there are a lot of coorporate learning tools out there! How can you choose the best one?

Given how important the professional development of employees is, it is necessary to create an efficient training and development program using specific tools.

A must-have: a tech-e-learning platform, better than it will be an experience learning platform

An LMS platform like BRAVO! is an important aid in designing your online courses because it allows you to create and distribute video courses, protecting them from prying eyes through secure access to the LEARN! platform, where only authorized students can view them. With BRAVO!, you can create unique courses and learning experiences from scratch that meet the training needs of your employees, also benefiting from the community of trainers that will offer you tailor-made content for your needs.

E-learning tools for corporate learning is fine but without forgetting the mobile learning

mobile learningWe talked about them in the previous article. The benefits are many: it is easily accessible, flexible, and allows you to follow your very own pace. Lastly, it is also scalable, which simplifies training administration for organizations with a large number of employees. Skype, Zoom, Meet are the most famous video call platforms and can help you in the training process. For example, you can coordinate live meetings that will be recorded to be reviewed on the BRAVO! platform! Trends show that professional training is a necessary investment for the development of a company. Well-prepared and motivated employees work better, are more productive, and achieve better personal and professional results. Do not underestimate it!

And if you want to discover the BRAVO! platform and our community of trainers, write to us at [email protected].