Metaverse news incoming! But what does it have to do with education?

Oct 19, 2023 | Virtual reality and immersive experiences | 0 comments

That Zuckerberg is oriented towards the Metaverse is not news: we already talked about it in this article. The recent news is that he is focusing on transforming avatars into 3D, aiming for the typical immersiveness of virtual worlds. But let’s go in order and take a step back.

Avatars were already present in the Facebook universe and have become increasingly customizable over time, from physical features to clothing and expressions. But they still had a flaw: they were still a copy of reality and not a parallel reality to be created and recreated at will; it’s more about stickers than avatars, if we want to say Mark, Zuckerberg’s announcement is not surprising: avatars on the different “Meta” platforms will be three-dimensional.

So what’s new with the 3D avatars on (former) Facebook (now) Meta?

In addition to the possibility of recreating a character int all.

Following the transformation route of social networks outlined by good old  the likeness of the associated user, Mark is developing partnerships that will allow customization with a whole range of gadgets, starting with the tempting opportunity represented by the American Super Bowl. On this occasion, the agreement with the American football league NFL will make clothing and accessories themed for the event available.

Where will the avatars of the Facebook Metaverse be available?

A bit everywhere within Meta: from Facebook Messenger chats to Instagram chats, up to the virtual reality of Horizon Worlds (the Metaverse with early access for owners of Oculus Quest 2 in the USA and Canada). From modifying the character to any digital purchases made on the platform, everything can be moved from one place to another, synchronizing updates across various social platforms.

What does all this have to do with your online courses? The future of education might just be in the Metaverse!

Lesson in metaverseThe Metaverse represents a real parallel universe where you can do everything you do in real life, do it differently, or do it better. So, why not… study? Imagine transforming your online class into a virtual class! Imagine stepping into a virtual city, walking its streets, and entering your beautiful virtual school where you meet the avatars of your students. Imagine adding to your lessons not only interactive quizzes, as you can currently do with BRAVO! but completely transporting your courses into the Metaverse and holding an “in-person” lesson with your students present in virtual reality. Imagine… but not really that much, the Metaverse is already here.