Anne-Lise Beaudoin

“This application allows us to reach the greatest number of employees and raise awareness about risk mitigation. Our goal is to provide a unique form of training. By leveraging gamification, we offer a different perspective on recurring risk situations and teach...

Christian Herbreteau

“Reinforcing our goals of reducing the number and severity of incidents, this application offers a unique perspective on prevention through gamification, incorporating powerful messages and relevant statistics based on incidents. An innovative way to engage our...

Solenn Dagand

“Thanks to the application, I am more attentive to drivers and have a better approach to the issues presented to us. We can encounter cases every day, making problem resolution simpler and quicker, but we can also assist other colleagues in the same...

Luc Roustan

“Facing real-life situations is one of the strengths of the application. I find the questions to be very relevant, and I have gained valuable ideas to implement: stepping back and listening before making decisions!”

Guy Ranc

“The mini-lessons have allowed me to consolidate certain methods. For example, the choice between an in-person or remote interaction based on the issue encountered with a driver.”