Gameful and RecréAction for Road Safety

Oct 20, 2023 | blog | 0 comments

Between May and June 2023, a game-based learning campaign was conducted for the professional development of KEOLIS company personnel, involving 80 bus drivers and team leaders for 2 months. The campaign featured 3-minute video lessons available 24/7, incorporating 2D video games and 3D animations released three times a week.

The focus was divided into 3 main areas: Stress Management, Stretching, Road Safety, and Good Driving Safety.

The chosen solution, typical of our approach, was microlearning for corporate training: it is fast and practical, considering its accessibility via the app, and is constantly updated with new content every week.

Realistic representations of incorrect and correct behaviors allow learning from mistakes through immediate feedback.

The campaigns were created and managed through BRAVO! and LEARN!, our game-based platforms, and made available using the RécréAction app.

The objectives of the microlearning campaign for workplace safety were:

1. Reduction of workplace accidents.
2. Improvement of drivers’ health and safety and communication between team leaders and the group.

Official data collected by RecrèAction:

– 71.5% of users took action:
– 33%: stretching
– 27%: relaxation exercises
– 13%: stress management
– 20%: road prevention
– 7%: driving

“The participation rate was 55% for men and 45% for women, with a completion rate of 86%.

Player feedback was also excellent:

– 100% enjoyed the experience.
– 95% found it useful.
– 67% changed their view on prevention.
– 95% appreciated the tips related to colleague relationships.
– 95% would repeat the experience.
– 95% would recommend our game-based learning app for workplace safety.

And finally, the most prideful statistic: 71.5% changed at least one of their habits, replacing an incorrect one with a new, correct one.

We asked participants for feedback, and we can proudly declare the results:

– “Educational and relevant.”
– “Good team spirit.”
– “Quick and easy tips to follow when the bus is stopped.”
– “Very interesting modules related to our work.”
– “A little reminder never hurts.”
– “Good practices for a better daily work life.”
– “I found answers to unanswered questions.”
– “Safety messages were well communicated and learned by participants. Very appropriate duration. We eagerly awaited each new module to view.”

In conclusion, the professional development campaign for Keolis proved to be a success. Through the use of microlearning, with short video lessons accessible via the RécréAction app, participants were able to learn in a practical and engaging manner. Realistic representations of incorrect and correct behaviors, along with immediate feedback, allowed for learning from mistakes and improving workplace safety.

The results were remarkable, with 71.5% of participants adopting at least one new correct habit. Positive feedback from participants highlighted the program’s effectiveness, emphasizing the importance of the educational approach, the relevance of the content, and the good team spirit.

This campaign demonstrated that gamification-based microlearning can be an effective method to promote safety and improve communication among a company’s staff.

Salvatore Mica