Gameful and RecrèAction for workplace safety

Oct 20, 2023 | blog | 0 comments

The first results have been received for one of the ongoing campaigns created by Gameful and RecrèAction for the training and development of 60 employees of a French company operating in the logistics field. This is achieved through a professional development campaign that can be accessed via mobile, enhancing workplace safety.

For this project, we have created 24/7 accessible video lessons with 2D video games and 3D animations providing realistic representations of incorrect and correct behaviors, allowing learning from mistakes through immediate feedback. The campaigns were created and managed through our BRAVO! and LEARN! platforms and made available using the RécréAction app.

A swift solution, as each lesson lasts a maximum of 3 minutes; practical, considering accessibility from the app; constantly updated with new content every week; measurable and engaging, which is always beneficial!

The objectives of the workplace safety campaign were:

1. The reduction of workplace incidents;
2. The improvement of the health and safety of truck drivers by encouraging warm-ups and stretching, thereby reducing injury costs.

Here are the initial results collected by RecrèAction:
“The participation rate was:
– 82.5% for heavyweight participants
– 74.6% for heavy-duty participants
– 65.8% for dockworkers

After reading the first 23 questionnaires received, the results are very positive:
– 100% enjoyed the experience
– 57% changed their view of workplace risk
– 48% changed at least one practice
– 74% recommend the app to colleagues
– 69% believe it promotes team cohesion
– 87% want to renew the experience”

We asked participants for feedback, and we can declare ourselves extremely satisfied with the results:

– “It was fun, innovative, and made us reflect.”
– “I pay more attention to others and offer my help.”
– “Now I take breaks when driving at night.”
– “Now I warm up before starting work, stretch more often.”
– “It was an excellent team-building tool.”
– “It made us reflect on risks.”
– “It’s easier to learn while having fun.”

Once again, we can observe that video games and micro-lessons, combined with challenges and badges to celebrate successes and motivate good practices, are an ideal tool for creating rituals and short learning sequences that lead to lasting results over time.