Gameful and RécréAction together for GEFCO.

Oct 19, 2023 | blog | 0 comments

Gameful and RécréAction join forces to launch a training campaign conducted by GEFCO, utilizing gamification to make activities that could otherwise be repetitive and dull fun and engaging. The lessons have been created and managed through the BRAVO! platform and are accessible using the RécréAction app, both developed by the Gameful Team.

We asked Celine Berger, founder of RécréAction, to tell us more about this project.

Tell us about this gamified learning project.

“The project is based on several objectives set by GEFCO:

1. Reduce the number of accidents and damages at work;

2. Improve the health and safety of truck drivers by encouraging warm-up and stretching exercises;

3. Train and engage a ‘nomadic’ population;

4. Reduce costs associated with human error.

So, the solution GEFCO needs must provide updates for ‘veterans’ and training for newcomers, through annual communication campaigns that can be accessed via mobile.

The result is a semi-annual learning program, accessible via an app that offers new specific content each week. The flexibility of the Gameful platforms BRAVO! and LEARN! allows for the addition of new features to the app to meet the operational needs of the drivers.

Our training solution is:

– FAST, with 3-minute learning programs;

– PRACTICAL, allowing them to train anywhere, anytime using their smartphones;

– ONGOING, sequencing learning throughout the year;

– REACTIVE, with real-time notifications;

– ENGAGING, to refresh the image of prevention, often seen as an obligation;

– MODULAR, allowing managers to choose sequences, create, or update content;

– MEASURABLE, measuring participation, campaign results, and progress.

To launch this campaign, RécréAction has worked for over a year with GEFCO to create 52 micro-lessons and a Warm-up using Mobile Game Training: a practical solution that integrates GEFCO’s actions and celebrates progress.

As there are still too many workplace injuries due to bad habits, it is essential to talk about prevention differently. This is why RécréAction combines video games and micro-lessons to address serious topics in a lively and carefree way. We create a trusting environment, rituals with easy-to-achieve micro-actions, and learning sequences in small repeated bites over time to encourage ownership. We never forget to include challenges to implement and celebrate successes to motivate good practices.”

How does this project innovate in the learning world?

“In several ways:

We use video games in a micro-learning context. Specifically, 2D video games and 3D animations that simulate concrete situations, along with more traditional micro-lessons, to engage in a learning and training process; give a concrete representation of risks without danger; test decisions and learn from mistakes; receive appropriate feedback; play collaboratively.

We create rituals using micro-actions to change behavior. The concept of our app is based on the idea that to change, one must learn and develop new habits. However, to create sustainable habits, it is best to start with MICRO-ACTIONS, easy to do without too much motivation, simple to integrate into daily life, whose regular achievement is rewarding. This positive emotion fixes the habit, motivating us to repeat the action. And repetition consolidates the habit, making the action easier to perform over time.

Therefore, it is important to create rituals by publishing short programs weekly, accessible 24/7, to guide drivers with simple and quick instructions.

We use digital levers also to:

· EMPOWER drivers to learn at their own pace;

· PROVIDE AUTONOMY through an updated, comprehensive, and always-on tool;

· COMMUNICATE in real-time with nomadic employees.”

What are the mechanics and gamification elements?

The RécréAction and Gameful Mobile Game Training solution combines VIDEO GAMES, MICRO-LEARNING, and MICRO-ACTIONS.

Our app allows users to learn by playing, get a concrete simulation of risks, test their decisions, receive feedback, learn from their mistakes, measure and celebrate their progress.

For the 6-month Gefco campaign, we designed 52 3-minute learning programs in collaboration with:

– QHSE experts and trainers, physiotherapists, road safety experts, and stress on the road.

Some of the micro-learning programs include:

– Video games and storytelling: focus the experience on practice and meaning;

– Feedback: to help drivers test and evaluate their practices;

– Indicators: to give drivers a sense of achievement;

– Collective challenges: encourage participation;

– 3D animations: to warm up in real-time created with Dragonkin Studio and Gameful.”

What results do you expect?

“What we expect is to reduce the number of accidents and occupational diseases by giving drivers the opportunity to warm up their bodies before exertion.

For this, we added a warm-up tool to the app, allowing each driver to warm up when they want, for as long as they want with muscle exercises of their choice. We use a 3D animation with an avatar that guides drivers in real-time.”

What’s in the future for RécréAction?

“I would like to add new features to our app: a ‘checklist tool.’

This tool would be very useful to help users learn new habits when starting a new job or returning from sick leave, allowing their manager to define checkpoints and create evolving checklists.”