How to Use an LMS for Skill Improvement and Training

Oct 19, 2023 | blog | 0 comments

A Learning Management System (LMS) platform is, by definition, the ideal virtual space for sharing learning modules composed of courses, video lessons, on-demand lectures, etc. That’s why using an online course platform like BRAVO! can be a game-changer for the success of a corporate training program. Whether you are an external consultant or a company organizing internal training and staff development, you cannot do without uploading your lessons to an LMS platform. And this is for various reasons: scalability, convenience in implementation, and widespread distribution that doesn’t have to worry about physical and/or geographical boundaries.

What types of training can be conducted using an LMS platform like BRAVO!

  • Professional development. Whether mandatory or not, it is particularly common in highly regulated sectors such as healthcare and manufacturing.
  • Onboarding. It is the first phase that follows hiring, where basic skills necessary for the job need to be acquired. Standardizing and unifying this training offer reduces company costs and makes the training investment scalable.
  • Acquisition of technical and soft skills. Massively updating workers with skills that need to be acquired by entire departments is much faster when done asynchronously and not necessarily in person. The same applies to soft skills such as conflict resolution, leadership, and communication.

Create a library of content to support training

An LMS platform does not exclude the possibility of offering synchronous learning. Indeed! Recording webinars and making them available for review is an added value that no trainer should underestimate. You can upload useful resources and teaching materials that your students can access whenever they want to delve into a topic, even if only partially related to the course content. A centralized content library is an excellent resource to use, for example, during the onboarding phase!

Monitor the progress of your online courses

BRAVO! offers a variety of assessment tools that you can use to evaluate student progress, such as quizzes that you can include at the end of the lesson to understand the level of real learning achieved by your students.

You can see insights and customize them to understand which modules are most viewed, which are less, intercept the dropout rate, and build increasingly effective and targeted lessons.

Use interactivity to engage users

Interactive elements, badges, a variety of content, are all engagement elements that, through gamification of learning, increase its effectiveness. Overcoming a challenge, tackling a quiz, achieving a badge (perhaps personalized with a company benefit) are all tactics that make learning more interesting.

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