How We Transformed Gameful Ltd. into a More Sustainable Business

Oct 20, 2023 | blog | 0 comments

Reducing the emissions required to carry out various activities.

When the Gameful Ltd. project was born, we knew that working across different nations would contribute significantly to pollution by adopting a traditional organizational approach. Therefore, we pondered on what to do to establish a sustainable company that would not impact the health of our planet.

Our spontaneous solution was to minimize in-person meetings and rely on technology to create a virtual work environment that is efficient and engaging for everyone. In 2023, after 3 years of operation, we can proudly say that we have saved approximately 150 tons of CO2.

What tools do we use to make Gameful an efficient and eco-friendly enterprise?

Quite a few. To work remotely efficiently, several technologies are needed to perform online operations that we are accustomed to doing in person, such as brainstorming, sharing ideas, texts, images, and even moments of lightheartedness. We equipped ourselves with everything necessary, and within a few days, we were fully operational, thanks to our work backgrounds where we had used most of these tools.


Here is a list of essential tools for remote work in a company in 2023, at least according to us:

  1. Google Workspace:Google is our greatest ally with a suite of extremely useful tools that allow us to conduct video meetings, create documents and presentations, and have access to any type of file uploaded to the cloud. The real strength of Google Workspace is its accessibility to anyone with a Google account and an internet connection.
  2. Google Drive and Vimeo: Essential for storing and sharing the material we use during workdays. Drive is more versatile because it allows us to upload files of any type to the cloud, from documents to multimedia files. Vimeo, on the other hand, focuses on videos and is crucial for the functioning of our platforms.
  3. BRAVO! and LEARN!: LMS systems for your online courses. Contact us at [email protected] to try them for free.
  4. Google Meet: Another useful tool from the Google suite, essential for our video conference meetings (with or without video). Used in combination with Google Calendar, it allows us to schedule periodic sprints and various video calls, integrating them into personal calendars to keep the team’s activity under control and perfectly coordinated.
  5. Slack: The internal communication platform we use to exchange information, files, links, and various content. It can be somewhat compared to a professional-level social media platform like WhatsApp because it integrates many features such as linking to many other external tools (Drive, Gmail, and Jira, just to name a few), turning it into a real virtual office.
  6. Miro: A real collaborative whiteboard where visually building projects, flowcharts, and conceptual maps to develop projects that multiple team members can work on simultaneously, wherever they are: sitting next to each other or thousands of kilometers apart.
  7. Jira: Our virtual board. Through individual tasks or hierarchically grouped ones, it allows us to create “post-its” (the tasks) to fill in with details of the activities to be carried out, assign them to those who will take care of them, and move them between columns until their completion. This way, each team member keeps track of every step and knows at which stage of development they are.
  8. HubSpot: An “Inbound Marketing software that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and gain customers” in the words of the developers themselves. It allows managing information related to business contacts in a single section, entering notes, appointments, tasks, meetings, exploring the interaction history, and communicating with contacts. Customizable and specific lists can be created to segment the audience based on real interests. The list of its functions would be too long, but believe us, it is an essential tool for the development and management of a data-oriented business.
  9. Canva: A visual processing suite. Using Canva, we can create coordinated graphics for social media posts and blogs, project presentations, and slides for every need! Through the team function, projects can be shared with the entire team, which can work on them separately or simultaneously, wherever they are.
  10. Facebook, Instagram, editorial plan, reports, and scheduled publications:** Centralized and organized social media management would be impossible without a dedicated tool. Meta’s Business Suite is essential for this.

In summary,

Can we say that Gameful is a company mindful of the environment? We can confidently answer yes, looking at the numbers:

Since the creation of Gameful, 175 meetings have been held only between the Italian and English parts of the team. If we calculate a CO2 quantity of 0.708 tons per trip, we reach 123.9 tons of CO2 saved just by conducting remote meetings. To these, we must add the meetings with developers distributed between Europe and Asia: another 5 tons, and those with the Italian team. But we should add all the meetings with partners, clients, prospects… in short, many, many kilometers!

Only the Condominio Clic project  has required 35 online meetings in 12 months of the project. CO2 saved: 12.7 tons.

The last consideration, and perhaps the part that makes us proudest, is thinking about our contribution to making our clients’ work eco-friendly as well. By uploading their courses to our BRAVO! LMS platform, they have been able to train dozens of people anywhere in Italy with very low CO2 emissions (the electricity consumption of a router and a PC). They have created great value with their online schools, minimizing their eco footprint.

We know that our contribution to saving the planet is just a drop in the ocean, but it is worth saving every single drop.

Are you a trainer or a company and want to try BRAVO! and LEARN! for your online courses? Write to us at [email protected] to request a demo.