What’s in the future of gamification?

Oct 20, 2023 | blog | 0 comments

Game-based learning solutions are implemented to enhance the learning experience and achieve better performance outcomes. Techniques such as machine learning, classification, clustering, and information mining constitute a significant part of digital learning. In recent years, gamification has allowed teachers to work on their teaching methods and create an inclusive environment for students, including those with disabilities and unique needs.

Gamification and game-based learning are both used to engage students, but they are not the same.

Let’s see what the difference is between gamification and game-based learning.

While gamification is the infusion of game elements into various activities, such as teaching or shopping.

Game-based learning involves integrating educational material into a game structure, making learning a part of the teaching process. Have you ever heard of Minecraft: Education Edition?

A typical example of gamification is language learning apps like Babbel or Duolingo, where learning takes place through tests, games, or challenges. Competition and cooperation, leading players to develop collaborative or competitive strategies, depending on whether there is a team division or not, for example.

The levers that drive gamified learning are:

1. Interaction: There is no moment of passive listening (or if there is, it is geared towards a subsequent test or game).
2. Collaboration: When student-players are divided into teams or encouraged to collaborate without them, the achievement of the solution is the sum of collective knowledge.
3. Fun: Through progressively challenging activities, training adapts to the skills the user has acquired and those they will need to acquire.

What is the future of gamification?

Certainly, it is a future where gamification will play an increasingly prominent role. We see it every day with marketing campaigns: Footlocker has integrated a gaming system that transcends the physical barriers of the store, creating a continuous interaction between the app, websites, and stores. Mutti has developed a mini-game to promote sustainability by learning waste differentiation.

At Gameful, we do our part in promoting gamification in the e-learning sector through our BRAVO! and LEARN! platforms, which offer students and edupreneurs the integration of gamification elements into their courses. Are you a trainer or looking to start online courses? Are you curious to try? Write to us at [email protected] or use the contact form on the website!