Condominio Click: the “next door” ‘s gamification

Oct 20, 2023 | blog | 0 comments

Gamification is our daily bread, we apply it to our services, and even before us, the people behind Gameful, those who work every day alongside our clients, do it.

Salvatore Mica is busy with a fantastic project (yes, we know we’re biased, but what can you do, we’re enthusiastic people!): Condominio Click, together with Siena Caf, namely Prosperina Rizzo Gianmaria Losi, who wants to revolutionize the concept of the condominium by transforming it into a dynamic and engaging reality, guess what … thanks to gamification! We took the opportunity to ask him for some previews.

Let’s talk about Condominio Click, what is it about?

Condominio Click will be a service portal designed for homeowners, condominiums, condominium administrators, and service providers (plumbers, electricians, gardeners, etc.). More than anything, it wants to be the activator of a community that already exists and often remains invisible. The proximity community in which more or less everyone is immersed. Our home, our condominium, our neighborhood.

What is your role in the project?

I adopted this project because it excites me, it was easy to feel empathy for Prosperina and Gianmaria, the creators of the “Condominio Click” project. I started by designing community engagement, gamification for users to involve, but I realized I could lend a more effective hand in this phase where the project is newborn, carving out the role of the project’s Product Owner, which would be, in simple terms, the one who has the customer’s vision in mind and translates and reports it to the various professionals with whom we relate from time to time to bring the portal to life.

What do you like most about this project?

Certainly the people behind it. It is essential to build a lasting and innovative project to be able to count on serious, motivated, competent, and highly motivated professionals. In addition to this, community engagement is a challenging and highly interesting area. The “home” area is often underestimated; we rediscovered it, willing or not, during the pandemic, immediately after it regained a marginal place. Still, I believe that companies and services should increasingly focus on the role of the community and the role that homes play, taking into account how much it affects the psychophysical well-being of each person and the possible future “WFH Working from Home” work or at least in “blended mode,” so a bit in the office and a bit at home.

But condominium life is boring, what does engagement have to do with it?

Condominium life is our life, in all its facets. Often the condominium is remembered only when there is the (boring) condominium assembly, but just think about how many activities we do during our lives in the courtyard of our house or building, how many people important to us we have met and will meet, who we ask for support in a time of need. There is so much in these relationships that is just waiting to be discovered.

In conclusion, what will be the revolution of Condominio Click?

Condominio Click will have a dual soul:

We will provide services for home and home-related tax management in one place, all at the click of a button;

We will make visible a community that is invisible but exists. Our neighbors, our suppliers, our relatives often, sometimes our friends, will have a place where they can act collectively for each other to improve their well-being and that of their environment. We will do all this by focusing on the environmental and sustainability theme, which is, in fact, one of the most relevant themes at home, starting from daily habits to the materials used in home construction.