Corporate Training for Employees and Managers. How to Choose the Best?

Oct 20, 2023 | blog | 0 comments

Corporate training is a thriving market that continues to grow. The current expenditure is estimated to be around $300 billion globally and shows no signs of slowing down; in fact, it is likely to continue to grow.

Investing in the training of your employees is a strategic activity; well-prepared employees are more productive. The best solution is undoubtedly an integrated system that can be accessed remotely and from different devices. What are the key features to prioritize?

In this article, we explore the main areas to consider when deciding on a learning solution that will help improve your workforce’s skills.

Multimodal learning and an extensive catalog are essential for effective employee and managerial training.

For the chosen employee training solution to meet the organization’s needs, a multimodal approach is crucial. On one hand, it is essential to provide training content suitable for the expected change management within your company, and on the other hand, it is crucial to choose a solution that allows live or remote access from different devices, adapting to everyone’s needs.

Features and capabilities to look for in building an integrated learning ecosystem include online learning and, especially, on-demand learning. This includes live online or in-person sessions and trainers who can offer courses tailored to improve the skills of employees or managers.

Flexible and personalized content focused on employees

No one learns in the same way. Providing flexibility to your employees while ensuring quality will yield the best possible learning results. Learning must be personalized and customizable based on the requirements of a specific role, team, or organization to offer maximum value.

Look for these features in your learning system to ensure that your students have access to the content they need when they need it and in the way they want to learn it: 24/7 unlimited access to courses, dedicated website and app, micro-courses, short-duration learning modules.

Gamified quizzes to train new skills acquired by employees

When it comes to rapidly evolving technical skills, there are specific features that make learning more effective. Implementing new concepts as students develop new skills helps increase understanding and the ability to apply these skills effectively in the workplace. When technical skills are learned in an environment similar to the real-world application, the effectiveness of learning accelerates. This is evidenced by our experience with RecréAction, as detailed in this article.

Look for these features when deciding on a solution to develop technical skills: quizzes at the end of each module to test acquired work skills immediately, badges, progress bars, and challenges—all elements that gamify learning, a powerful tool for any company.

Dashboards to measure the effectiveness of your learning programs

To understand the impact of your learning system and measure the ROI of the programs built around it, regularly accessing and evaluating insights is crucial. A system with a dashboard that compiles key data for performance analysis makes a difference. A trainer with access to overall campaign data can certainly create more effective content and increase the value of your investment. An integrated tool that shows you data related to the progress of course consumption is indispensable.

Never forget privacy and security

The ability to access educational content easily and securely is important to promote employee engagement and adoption. At the same time, a system that protects the privacy of employees who undergo training updates is crucial.

In a crowded market of tools offering employee training possibilities, it is essential to understand how a professional development service provider can adapt to the development goals of your organization’s employees.

Learning programs are multifaceted initiatives that can meet various needs, but how can the provider help you deliver the right learning experience to your employees?

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