Training campaign Jacky Perrenot and Postic Celsius – Positive Feedback for Our Microlearning Tool

Oct 20, 2023 | blog | 0 comments

The recently concluded pilot project involved 61 managers from Jacky Perrenot and Postic Celsius (two companies in the French logistics sector) in a one-month professional development program. This initiative utilized our microlearning toolkit developed in collaboration with RecrèAction, aiming to enhance communication between managers and drivers.

The campaign’s objective was to create a toolkit consisting of micro-lessons to assist managers in improving their communication with employees and enhancing the overall team performance.

Upon the conclusion of the campaign, we sought feedback from some participants to refine the course and develop new micro-lessons relevant to daily situations.

We gathered opinions from various managers, each in a different professional role at Jacky Perrenot:

– Stéphanie Mardelle, Administrative Manager
– Solenn Dagand, Manager/Operator
– Luc Roustan, Project Manager/Coordinator
– Guy Ranc, Trainer

What did you like most about the App?

For Stéphanie, the most stimulating aspect was the competition aspect that motivates and drives participants to achieve new goals. Solenn appreciated the ease of learning through images and animations. Luc and Guy, on the other hand, valued the realism of the simulated situations, closely mirroring the challenges they face daily in their roles.

After completing the training program, did you change your communication approach with drivers?

Guy: “From our position [as trainers], we already have a certain basic knowledge. However, the micro-lessons allowed me to confirm certain methods. For example, choosing between face-to-face or remote discussion, depending on the issue encountered with a driver.”

Luc: “I find the questions very appropriate. I learned valuable insights and put them into practice. Above all: take a step back and listen before deciding!”

While Stephanie is not in the operational department, she mentioned being more attentive to exchanges between operators and drivers.

Finally, we asked for an opinion on the usefulness of our toolbox, which allows for quick retrieval of information learned in previous lessons whenever needed.

For Stephanie, it has been useful once again due to its alignment with the realities she faces every day at work. Solenn agrees, highlighting the practicality of the toolbox in aiding colleagues in their work.

We extend our gratitude to all the professionals who actively participated in the program and to Jacky Perrenot for choosing our workplace safety training dedicated to company managers to enhance their communication and relational skills. It has been a pilot project that once again demonstrates the effectiveness of combining teaching and gamification in influencing behavior.